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Keeping the gas on since 2009 – I OH YOU was spawned after four teenage housemates received final notice on their overdue gas bill that they couldn’t pay off. In a last-ditch to attempt to raise the funds, the friends threw a house party, invited some bands to play and charged a small fee for entry. 

I OH YOU; renowned for its label artists; DMA’s, Violent Soho, Jack River, honed their undeniable talent and ears for the best next talent on the scene to tour international names such as Kelsey Lu, Empress Of, Alex G, Soccer Mommy & Pavement. Curating their own festival in Campbelltown, NSW ‘Out Of Bounds’ featured some of the biggest names of local talent including Illy, The Rubens, Mallrat, Trophy Eyes and Waax to name a few.

Cutting-edge record label and party promoter

Cutting-edge record label and party promoter

Confidence Man

Jack River

Andy Golledge


Violent Soho

Dry Cleaning

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